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Bioenergetic Spectrum: Bioresonant Life Sciences

Bioenergetic Spectrum helps us understand living functions in terms of precursor engineering and how to apply alternative healing modalities. This site is moving to Wordpress - Stay Tuned!

Why is there fringe science?

Over the decades since my first studies of biology and physics, I have seen different branches of "bioenergetics" come out of the wood work; some of them are from mainstream scientific fields, others are born out of fringe science. You can see a myriad of interpretations of "bioenergetics" and "bioenergetic" at About Bioenergetic Spectrum: Definitions.

As you will discover, this site deals mainly in fringe science for two reasons:

  1. Fringe science is deemed "unacceptable" by the authoritarians and scholars of mainstream science because it clashes with their world paradigm.
  2. Fringe science tells the other half of the "story" in mainstream science - a "story" which mainstream scientists wish doesn't exist.

For example, mainstream science cannot explain the "natural leak" in physics or the reverse entropy characteristics of warm blooded life forms which deny the second law of thermodynamics. Aether physics, on the other hand, explains these "anomalies" perfectly - and it fits perfectly with mainstream theories like hand in glove - if we accept the existence of a universal aether. Unfortunately, aether physics is one of many branches considered fringe science by the mainstream authoritarians.

Ironically, my first exposure to any concept of a universal aether was through mainstream physics. The Michaelson-Morley Experiment was the mainstream tool used at the time to "disprove" the existence of universal aether. However, the purpose of the experiment was NOT to disprove the existence of aether, but to prove the lack of electromagnetic characteristics.

How did I cross from mainstream into fringe science?

I became curious about the ether when I discovered that the Michaelson-Morley Experiment does nothing more than prove that the aether does not meet preconceived criteria. For example, the first assumption is that the aether is static, that it doesn't move at all. Ergo, it has nothing to do with anything in the universe which is constantly moving. WRONG!

Even for lack of computer catalogs in the 1980's, I searched high and low for whatever information I could find on the universal aether. My first exposure to aether physics was through the works of Wilhelm Reich. Yes, Dr. Reich was deemed "insane" in a PBS special in the early 2000's. Perhaps, he was after all the evil people he had to endure in his life time, especially the 1950's. Unfortunately, Reich was mentally and emotionally stuck in the 1950's because of the 1950's (un-evolving) mind patterns around him.

By the same token, internet trolls now rule facebook by labeling anything that disagrees with their world paradigm as "fake news." I'm sure that I will also be labeled "insane" by the mainstream trolls. I believe I was just crazy enough to be curious about universal aether.

What is precursor engineering? What does the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich have to do with precursor engineering?

Precursor Engineering utilizes the precursor to electromagnetic (EM) waves, namely, longitudinal magneto dielectric (LMD) waves which can be produced and primordial energy which can be condensed. LMD waves are far more ordered than EM Waves in that they can reflect the creation model as opposed to the decay model expressed by EM Waves. LMD Waves can imprint original higher gauge symmetry models of life to heal and restore living tissue. Primordial Energy behaves the same as LMD Waves, but cannot be artificially produced.

Learn about a Science fair project using earth energy transmutation plate capacitors within a reverse potential energy structure which demonstrated unexpected electro-culture results. Click the following link to Learn More.

Reich's work demonstrates that the aether is mass free, primordial energy; it provides the functions based upon spinning waves which leads to all forms of life and all cosmic forms in the universe; he called the aether, "orgone." He discovered that "orgone" would accumulate with a proper arrangement of metal and organic fibers to help heal living organisms. His discovery of "bions" emerging from lifeless sand packets that were super heated earned his coined terms as "precursors to life." (The UFO encounters I leave to you to research - for now.)

Then I found works on the "Coanda Effect" by Victor Schauberger, circa 1940's, wherein he built discoid aircrafts based on aether physics for Nazi Germany. Yes, these aircraft were easily discerned as "UFOs."

The reason mainstream science cannot measure the aether is because it is a precursor form of energy which transforms into electromagnetic waves - which mainstream science CAN measure (or chooses to measure).

Mass free, primordial energy has been known throughout the ages of ancient human culture as "Qi, Ki, Vril, Prana" and similar ideas very much agree upon the nature of the universal aether. Unfortunately, ancient concepts of energy from animistic cultures, which denotes life and soul to everything, is considered pagan.

The puritans crusified anything pagan, thereupon, calling their ideas "witchcraft" in the dark ages. Strangely enough, the same church (which I will not name) invited the austere scientists to prove any and all pagan ideas as "falsehoods" or "fake news;" the same concept which exists in today's dark ages.

The light bulbs turned on decades ago for me when it came to examining fringe science for what it really represents:

  • People who want more out of life than entertainment toys and dark age, polluting technology.
  • People who look with wonder into the skies and want more out of life than the fear and heart ache offered by mainstream.
  • People who want to know the rest of the "story" of the universe.
  • People who want Real Healing and Real Knowledge.

What is the goal of Bioenergetic Spectrum?

This site provides tools and references for you to help you understand and apply alternative healing modalities, wherein, conventional medicine may have failed you. The esoterica found here is meant to open your mind to greater possibilities than what is offered by mainstream science.

For example, at Collective DNA Consciousness based on the works of Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf, we discover that DNA forms an intelligent network which is influenced and programmed by intention expressed through word language and ideas; this is the basis of self healing through meditation or even self destruction through negative life experiences / emotions.

We discover that DNA can be remotely influenced from a distance. Quantum entanglement is one theory, given the energetic resonance. Remote influencing of living tissues is possible given the existence of primordial, universal energy as the organized deep field, resonant medium which follows primordial laws energy rather than Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. And we can certainly have quantum and classical effects working in sync.

According to the works of Wilhelm Reich, the universal aether (AKA primordial energy) responds in unique, but predictable ways to different energy fields and material configurations.

For example, square wave logarithmic functions channeled through a high energy plasma emitter are able to resonate through the atmosphere at considerable distance to affect living tissue utilizing resonant frequencies. Royal Raymond Rife, his peers, and his students made numerous clinical studies of this nature using square wave function, plasma wave emitters.

Who was Royal Raymond Rife?

Please read Dr. Rife's Biography wherein you will find how a once respected man of science was segregated from the mainstream and his clinically verified findings were classified as "fringe;" he was one scientist (of many) who was earnestly curious about his field, then persecuted for his honest, revolutionary discoveries.

Rife's Work can be compared to heaviside layer energy discoveries like the Dynaflux Alternator Technology, an over unity energy converter which should have replaced internal combustion engines decades ago. By the same token, Rife's energy oriented medical technology and his prodigy are segregated mainstream medical culture. Drugs and surgery oriented medicine are more focused on profits than healing and should have been replaced by energy oriented medicine decades ago.

Like any revolutionary scientist, Rife also had his humble beginnings. He didn't simply decide one day to go into energy oriented medicine. His painstaking discoveries happened over the decades beginning with his studies in bacteriology. Please understand this important story on how Dr. Rife and his colleagues utilizing his ultra microscope made revolutionary discoveries in bacteriology at Rife Ultra Microscope: Bacteria Chronicles.

How is frequency oriented energy medicine like brain wave entrainment?

Rife Plasma Wave Emitter affects healing of living tissue and mortality (of the trouble making microbes) at a distance. Since the atmosphere, coincidently, consists of the same basic components within our own bodies, we can theorize that square wave logarithmic plasma functions propogate themselves upon mass free primordial energy media to resonate with living functions in a similar way that bioresonant sound wave stimuli works on us.

This concept is similar to brain wave entrainment wherein resonant external stimuli of the senses causes a resonant effect within our post synaptic potentials. Isn't that fun?

How are the Schumann Resonances related to brain wave entrainment?

In fact, brain wave harmonics began as the "Schumann Resonances" at the geophysical / primordial level as discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann; it would seem that atmospheric logarithmic functions, especially Fourier Functions, caused by the average lightning storm (modulating upon universal primordial energy functions) not only resonate with us, but formed our deeper physiological functions even at the quantum level through the ages. A lightning strike is, of course, the most primitive form of a plasma wave emitter at the geophysical level.

What is a microtubule and what is its role in energy oriented medicine?

If we were at, we could ask within the same fold: "What is the basis of consciousness?" "What is the basis of psychic energy?" "What is the basis of extra sensory perception, parapsychology, and paranormal events?"

The answer would seem to be within nanometer sized structures which exist within every cell of our bodies known as microtubules; the activities within these structures exhibit superconductive and tunneling behaviors at body temperature.

The only other structure known in quantum physics to exhibit these behaviors is a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC). A BEC is a group of atoms which are all in the same quantum state. Such a group of atoms, consequently, behaves, in some ways, as a single atom. Superconductors are a form of BEC and so are superfluids. A BEC is obtained through supercooling atoms in a laboratory situation.

Some of you discovered me through a Youtube Video a produced years ago, "How to Make Your Own Philosopher's Stone." The Philospher's Stone has been likened to "manna" as described in the Holy Bible. The abilitie's it bestows to those who consume it are likened to the fables of different human cultures as "food of the gods."

As a boy, I found great interest in mythology from different cultures. To me, as a little boy back then, I guess the "gods" were like Marvel's X-Men. I always wondered how much of it could possibly be true.

If homeopathy is real, then how does it work?

David Hudson, a metallurgist, discovered that, given the environment, certain elements, such as those found in sea water, are re-arranged into a monatomic state. Please examine his discovery at The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck; alchemy and low energy nuclear transmutation surround this true story of a mysterious shipwreck found in The Bahamas. Hudson studied these monatomic elements and discovered them in interesting places including healing potions such as Homeopathic Resonance and ORMUS: ORMUS materials appear to play an essential role in resonance effects, whether they are photonic, sonic, gravitational, electromagnetic or somatic; this page is AMP Updated for Mobile Device Technology.

How artificial fluoridation hinders the evolution of humanity

In "How to Make Your Own Philosopher's Stone," I used the wet method for deriving monatomic elements from sea water because this is the method used in nature (in sea water) as exemplified by The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck. The only difference is that the process is speeded up in a semi-laboratory situation for a small batch as opposed to a geophysical level. I leave the high heat transmutation experiments such as those produced in a volcano to the dare devils.

Unfortunately, chemical pollutants in the air and water have hindered these natural processes. Artificial fluoridation of drinking water, in particular, hinders the natural processes within our bodies that allow us to absorb monatomic elements and form BECs because fluoride is an RNA Inhibitor. The ability to absorb and process these elements is part of natural evolution. When we fail to use these evolutionary building blocks, we remain stagnant - and possibly go backwards - on the evolutionary scale. How is this possible?

What happens within the infrastructure of our microtubule network?

Several of the modern theories relating to microtubules were proposed by physicist, Roger Penrose, and anesthesiologist, Stuart Hameroff.

Penrose was seeking a was seeking a structure in the brain that had nanometer dimensions because such a structure would be necessary to support quantum effects. Hameroff was seeking the structure responsible for consciousness. They agreed that microtubules would provide for both.

Hameroff did a lot of research into how conciousness works and he has concluded that the microtubules are the source of our consciousness; this is supported by Penrose's Work. Hameroff concluded that the observable quantum effects that occur in human brains are caused by highly aligned water that is inside the microtubules.

Penrose agrees with this concept and further argues that BECs in the neurons are how we reach decisions. The BECs are possible because the water inside the microtubules can be strongly aligned to form a body temperature, superconductive medium.

This theory supports further postulations in psionics such as the Quantum Hologram as discussed by former astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., wherein intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance and many similar paranormal phenomena seem to be easily explained by means of the nonlocal quantum hologram wherein we first sense and interpret external stimuli with far more information as a phase conjugate (mirror image) using the adaptive resonance of the quantum holographic computer known as the brain. Therefore, there is more information within our post synaptic potentials than meets the eye.

When our bodies lose the ability to utilize BECs to tap into our higher level minds / higher gauge symmetry, rather than make wise, compassionate, peaceful decisions for all living beings, we slip away into primitive states of mind, but without the innate abilities of homeostasis, balance, and healing.

This premise is extended into The Holographic Paradigm as discussed by Michael Talbot. The small discussion based on his book introduces the "superhologram" as the matrix that gave birth to everything in our universe, at the very least it contains every subatomic particle that has been or will be. The "whole in every part" nature of a hologram means that even a quantum hologram within our minds mirrors the "superhologram" of the universe.

What do these quantum effects have to do with universal aether or the bioenergetic spectrum?

The universal aether is the precursor energy of all solids, liquids, gases, and plasma; it is constantly moving, transmuting, and transforming to meet the needs of all physical processing in the universe. (In a strange way, ORMEs are a precursor to the aether since they literally tunnel, teleport, and disappear, mass free, into the aether given the impetus.)

Aether is constantly transmuting into the electromagnetic spectrum in the form of heat, light, and other EM Waves. "Heat Waves" are actually the movement and transmutation of aether in response to heat. The "flickering" of light from other stars is due to the constant movement of atmospheric aether.

The aether is an extension of all things physical in the universe; it moves with and responds to us and all the heavenly bodies. We are acclimated to the geophysical effects of aether on our planet. Lightning bolts which I previously discussed are actually the transmutation and coalescing of aether into charged particles which suddenly behave in the same quantum state. Our physiology has responded as a form to the regular entrainment function of lightning storms over the ages: Microtubules are structurally symmetrical with the golden (phi) ratio logarithmic functions; so are lightning bolts one for one.

Our bodies are designed according to the golden ratio, from our limbs, to our DNA, to our microtubule structure. According to The Human Social Experience Forms a Fractal by Robert R. Prechter, Jr., CMT, President, Elliott Wave International, even our behaviors are based upon the phi ratio.

In fact, the phi ratio is mirrored throughout the universe as part of a grand, intelligent design, or "super-hologram" as Michael Talbot might say. The phi ratio paradigm is repeated from the macro to the micro to the subatomic levels while the spinning wave functions of the aether propagates this basic design at every level of existence.

What are good references for studies on universal aether?

Aether can be mathematically and concretely engineered utilizing the works Of J.J. Thomson, which shows that there is an aether and matter equivalency; it is a mathematical reality that has remained hidden in plain sight for over a century.

After Eric Dollard's presentation of The Power of the Aether as Related to Music & Electricity, which was delivered at the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, more work relating to J.J. Thomson was requested since the presentation ended with an overview of the clarified Thomson equations, which are foundational to the study of the Physics of the Aether.

The Power of the Aether as Related to Music & Electricity

Thomson is credited with the discovery of the electron, but it was his studies into the Aether physics and the Faraday Tubes, which led him to that discovery to begin with. Much of this history is covered up and discarded in conventional material and these notebooks delve into the facts.

Thomson also had the most quantitative theory of an electrified theory and this is what Dollard is expanding upon in these notebooks.

The 5-part notebook series is an extension of the presentation that he gave at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference called The Extra-luminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson, but it is available in a package with The Power of the Aether as Related to Music & Electricity because it ended with the J.J. Thomson equations.

2 of the Newest Presentations from the 2019 Energy Technology Science Conference

We're honored to have Dr. James DeMeo present at the 2019 ESTC. He is one of the world's leading authorities on Wilhelm Reich, which includes the science of Orgone - a form of energy that is crucial to life, it is able to be cultivated and even used to assist biological systems, which you'll see.

His two presentations are: Cosmic Ether Exists: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science and The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Experimental Confirmations and New Water-Structuring Evidence.

James DeMeo, PhD: Two Presentations on aether and orgone

Get your copies here: Cosmic Ether Exists + The Orgone Energy Accumulator

The first is an overview of the ether and then an insurmountable volume of facts and data that cannot be refuted regarding the reality of the ether. These proofs have been going on for a century and continue to this day but chances are that you've never heard of them - possibly because it disproves Einstein's ether-less Theory of Relativity in a very simple and wholesale manner. This presentation is so important that it should be required study for anyone to graduate from high school because the facts presented literally change everything regarding the foundation of physics starting with time and space and everything built upon that.

The second covers many verifiable facts about the orgone energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich who was Sigmund Freud's #1 student. This presentation is required study for any interested in the forces of nature. The simple orgone accumulator built correctly can violate thermodynamics in a number of ways and the most tangible is the fact that inside of it, even if the door is open, a warmer temperature is measurable, which never comes into equilibrium with the surrounding temperature! If you want to delve into a self-organizing, negentropic device, then this is it and it is very simple to build and demonstrate.

WATCH THE FREE EXCERPTS ON THE WEBSITE! There are three - two are excerpts from each of the presentations and one has excerpts from a panel discussion at the conference with discussions of the orgone energy. When you hear what Eric Dollard's personal experience was building a small orgone accumulator and experimenting with it, it will simply blow your mind!

Get your copies here: Cosmic Ether Exists + The Orgone Energy Accumulator

It is highly recommended to get a copy of Dr. DeMeo's books The Orgone Accumulator Handbook and Heretic's Notebook. These are PERFECT companions to the presentations.

Aether Weirdness - It's about Time! Magic Batteries and Other Observations by Paul Babcock

Paul Babcock is starting to open source his life's work in the electrical sciences-it took millions of dollars, 10's of thousands of hours over the years and a lot of battles for him to get to his current understanding. This presentation on Aether Weirdness is part of this disclosure.

There are commonalities between various over unity machines dealing with air gaps (very important magnetic properties), switching methods, etc. that he will cover including showing you his proprietary wave forms that his circuits produced while demonstrating over unity! You get to see it in detail.

Learn more and get your copy here: Aether Weirdness - Magic Batteries and Other Observations by Paul Babcock

Who is Harold Aspden, PhD and why is his work so important to the aether sciences? You'll see time and space in very simple terms that is arrived at with nothing more than simple algebra.

What is Paul's experience with John Bedini's Glass Case Motor? You'll get the full details - TIME is of the essence and this is true in more than one way. Is TIME being manipulated in batteries and in over unity circuits?

Learn more and get your copy here: Aether Weirdness - Magic Batteries and Other Observations by Paul Babcock

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